What is probiotic enema

A probiotic enema is an age-old complementary treatment which delivers probiotic solutions to the gut directly via the colon. It is thought to boost friendly microbiotics in the bowel because it ensures direct implantation of gut flora.

How does it feel to have a probiotic enema?

It should be done post colonic in order to allow the probiotic enema solution to make contact with the gut bowel wall. Most people feel a calming cooling sensation. But some people may only notice the benefits of a probiotic enema to their wellbeing as the weeks pass by.

What probiotic is used?

It is believed the there are two strains of microbiome that are reduced in most people due to over-usage of antibiotics. These are acidophilus and bifidus which are used during the probiotic enema implant.

Can a probiotic enema implant help the skin?

Taking probiotics is said to have a vast range of benefits, and by bringing them directly into the gut via the probiotic enema, these benefits may certainly be optimised.