Who should not have colonics

Colonic hydrotherapy is for well people. If you suspect that you have any illness or have any medical or family history of any condition, please speak to your doctor who will be best able to advise you.

What can colonics do ?

For persons who have ongoing gut and bowel issues who cannot find an underlying medical cause, a colonic may offer relief from certain gut health symptoms such as bloating, constipation, gas. Many people report feeling uplifted. Colonics do also seem to help clear the body of toxins which may be why skin improvements and clarity of mind, reduction of brain fog and a better sleep are often reported.

What is the recommended course of treatment for a colonic?

Most people are recommended to undergo three colonics over the course of three weeks; one a week. But there are no set rules. In fact, you may feel better after one or you may wish to have more. Each treatment centre is slightly different, has different methods, equipment and protocols.

How many times a year should I undergo colonics?

Some people chose to cleanse and detox their body with the seasons. Some like to have colonics in the new year when they have overloaded on heavy foods. Some people like to have colonics in tandem with a healthy lifestyle and to kickstart a weight loss diet.