How to prepare for a colonic

What is the best way to prepare for colonic hydrotherapy?

Eat a light meal two hours before your colonic. Don’t drink alcohol before or afterward, and avoid going to the gym afterwards but rather relax at home.

What should I do after the colonic treatment?

Bring a drink with you. Orange juice or some other fruit juice is best as these can help to restore your blood sugars. Herbal tea with honey is also a nice aftercare drink. You may be hungry so do plan to have healthy food afterwards.

How will I feel after colonic treatment?

You may feel crampy, and sometimes a little tired. If you have excessive cramps do ask your pharmacist for something to settle your tummy. It usually means that you have only removed some of the matter that is inside. Consider another colonic session. Try to relax. Use lavendar. Drink warm tea and light food.

Why am I cramping after a colonic?

Very often this happens due to trapped gas in your bowel. Avoid fizzy drinks even probiotic drinks for 24 hours post treatment. Avoid raw foods, excessively spicy food or foods that you are not used to. Junk foods are best avoided. Instead go for soup, wholesome stews and well cooked food that is easily digestible. Drink plenty of water.

What if I see pink on the tissue after a colonic?

It can happen sometimes if there is a a history of hemorrhoids. If the issue resolves and there was only a trace bit of pink, it was likely a hemorrhoid. But if you are concerned its always best to visit your doctor.

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