What is food intolerance testing

A food intolerance is a food item which may be the underlying cause of certain conditions and symptoms like bloating, cramping, gas, and skin conditions.

What is a food intolerance test?

A food intolerance test is a test that may help identify the underlying cause of food intolerants. At Dublin Vitality Centre, we use the FDA register BioScan to identify imbalances. Such imbalanced foods may or may not be the underlying cause of food intolerances.

What should I do about food intolerances?

By eliminating suspected food intolerants for a trial period of three months, symptoms may improve. A test may help identify the foods to eliminate during the trial period.

What foods are common food intolerances?

Food intolerances to certain foods seem to arise due to over reliance upon, or over consumption of certain foods. Varying the diet is one way to improve the likelihood of become intolerant to certain foods.

What causes food intolerances?

Nobody knows exactly but it is thought that eating over processed foods, or relying on the same foods all the time, or genetic modification of foods could be related to food intolerants. For some people it does appear to be hereditary.

Are food intolerances and allergies the same?

No food intolerances and allergies are not the same thing. If you have an allergy you must permanently avoid that item, and it may not show up on a food intolerance test or if you undergo the BioScan because a sample of it would not be in your body.