What is liver coffee enema

A liver coffee enema is an age-old complementary treatment which aims to clear away toxins from the liver using a very special solution of natural organic coffee.

What coffee is used during a liver coffee enema?

Natural organic green bean coffee rich in anti-oxidants is used normally by professional therapists. This coffee is not similar to the coffee that is consumed as a food. Instead, it is very pure and normally looks green rather than black. It is still referred to as coffee because it is made from the coffee bean, and is rich in caffeine.

How does it work?

In simple terms the green bean organic liver coffee enema solution is retained in the bowel. When it reaches the liver it has a mild stimulating effect which causes the bile ducts in the liver to dilate. This allows the liver to release.

How do you feel after a liver coffee enema?

You can feel very light and empty, and you can have a feeling of being energised. Eyes might look brighter and you may feel somehow cleaner.