What is colonic irrigation

A colonic is a treatment which aims to clear the body of impacted matter in the bowel. This may help relieve symptoms of cramping, bloating, constipation, gas and other related symptoms which result from gut health rebalancing.

How long does a colonic treatment take?

The question is what is needed by the client. Most treatments last no more than 30-40 minutes.

Does having a colonic hurt?

No, but you can experience some cramping, and this can be overwhelming for some people. That is why colonics are not recommended to people who have excessive anxiety or nervousness about the treatment.

Are colonics done by doctors?

Not usually. A colon hydrotherapist is a trained practitioner certified by a specific training programme. Since the treatment is categorised as a holistic or complementary treatment, it is not an area that doctors or other medically trained practitioners have any training or experience in.

What if I am under my doctors care? Can I still have a colonic?

No. Colonics are for people who are well. Persons under doctors care or with a current diagnosis should stick to their doctors recommendations. Once a complete recovery has been achieved, it is possible to be considered for colonics.

Can I fast whilst having colonics?

No. Fasting for more than 2 hours is not recommended in the pre-care as it may lead to dips in blood sugars. If you are on a fast, it is best to avoid colonics.