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A small tube is inserted just 1.5 inches into the rectum. The tube is approximately the width of a pen.

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About Dublin Vitality Center

  • 5 mins from Blanchardstown Shopping Center
  • Qualified Nurse onsite
  • Free Parking
  • Internationally IACT trained Professional Hydrotherapy
  • Aftercare treatment
  • Probiotics given
  • Comfortable purpose built clinic
  • Detox & Weight Loss Tips
  • Aromatherapy during treatment
  • Blood Group Diet
  • Urinalysis Test
  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight Check
  • Full Consultation
  • 40 Years Health Care Experience
  • Unique method using small tube
  • Colonic Massage
  • Privacy at all times
  • Dual Trained Therapists

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Dublin Vitality Center is a holistic treatment center located in Blanchardstown Village. Therapists are dual qualified in both open and closed methods. Dublin Vitality Center is a member of I-ACT, the largest association of colon hydrotherapists in the world. There is a registered nurse onsite. Dublin Vitality Center uses a modern and up to date method for colonics using a tube which is considerably smaller than that used in other methods.

For colonic hydrotherapy, the very latest equipment is used. The equipment comes from the USA  and Dublin Vitality Center is one of the first in Ireland to use this system. The method is used by clinics in Harley Street London and other high end clinics across the UK and USA.  Dublin Vitality Center has a nurse available at all times. 

I-ACT's Mission Statement
The International association for Colon Hydrotherapist (I-ACT) heightens the awareness of the colon hydrotherapy profession, ensures continuing and progressive education in the field of colon hydrotherapy and implants professionalism beyond reproach.
FDA Registered (Class II) medical device.
Class II is the highest grade of medical device available.

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Coffee enemas cleanse the liver of toxins 
Fennel Implant:
This is chosen to calm the nervous system.  Also good for detoxification. Relieves gas, stimulates digestion.  Worms dislike fennel so can be useful to assist in getting rid of worms.
Chamomile Implant
This is chosen to sooth and cleanse the colon and is helpful with haemorrhoids (piles) Gently cleanses the liver.
What is an implant?
An implant is similar to a colonic however instead of water a fusion a herbal solution is used for specific conditions. Its is usually administered after the colonic. The client will endeavour to retain the solution for approx 10 - 15 minutes for maximum effect.
It is recommended you have a colonic before the coffee enema or any other implant.The enema or implant is more benificial if the client can retain it for 15 to 20 mins. This is easier when the colon is empty following a colonic.
Credit card payments must be made in advance via PayPal.If you choose to pay online, please print your receipt and bring it along on the day. We do not accept credit card or laser card  payments at the clinic





Colonic Irrigation **Special *DETOX*** ONLY 90 Not 120, Blanchardstown Tel: 01-820160 Nurse Trained Colonic Irrigation, Weightloss, Blanchardstown, Flatten Tummy, Brigten Skin, lose Weight

FAQs About Colonic Irrigation At Dublin Vitality Center, Blanchardstown


Is the colonic irrigation treatment painful?

No, colonic irrigation is not painful.  Some clients may experience a little discomfort but this soon passes. 
How does the colonic irrigation treatment work?
During colonic irrigation, warm purified water is gently used to fill the colon. When you feel the need to release, the waste is washed away directly into the hydrotherapy equipment . It is not visible unless you choose to watch it come through a small tube which is designed for the therapist to assess what has been released. It is not uncommon to see undigested food, bile, parasites and gas. The therapist will tell you what was passed and what the implications mean to your health.
How many colonic irrigation treatments will I require?
In most cases a course of 6 treatments are required to fully clean the colon. You should then have one further colonic a month to maintain optimal health.  Clients have reported feeling benifit even after one colonic.
What can I expect to feel directly after the colonic irrigation treatment?

After colonic irrigation, many clients have reported higher energy levels, clearer skin and brighter eyes, relief from gas, improved elimination through the kidney, skin and bowel. Some clients report a feeling of elevation and elation directly after the treatment. Some clientsreport that they feel 'lighter and brighter' immediately after treatment.  Occasionally a client may feel abdominal cramps which will soon pass.

How do I know if I need colonics or if I have toxins in my bowel and body?
Common signs include tiredness, weight gain, constipation, diarrhoea, sluggishness, headaches, gas, bloating,coated tongue,skin problems, dull eyes, grey or dull skin, cellulite, low energy or back ache.bad breath and odour from skin.poor memory deprression,weakened immune system. 
If any of these symptons sound familiar, colon hydrotherapy and detoxification may be of great benifit.
What is constipation and how will colonics help?
Constipation is any form of congestion and is usually accompanied by dehydration. One bowel movement a day is a sign of constipation. Symptoms are overweight, irritability, bloating, gas, headaches, sinus drainage, allergies, cellulite, unsatisfied hunger and poor circulation.
How does a colonic irrigation compare to an enema?
According to Dr. Normal Walker, "One colonic is equivalent to 30 enemas".


Colonic Irrigation Blanchardstown Village Dublin 15


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Dublin Vitality Center Blanchardstown Village Dublin 15 Ireland Tel: 01-8201602 Colonic Irrigation **Special *DETOX*** ONLY 90 Not 120, Blanchardstown Tel: 01-820160 Nurse Trained Colonic Irrigation, Weightloss, Blanchardstown, Flatten Tummy, Brigten Skin, lose Weight Colonic Dublin Dublin Colonic

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